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VillaRomane. Villa in Antibes Juan Les Pins for your family holidays South of France. Pool characterisitics . 

VillaRomane :  one of the few Riviera rentals with a heated pool 

Unless we woud be facing exceptional wheather conditons, the pool of your holiday home will be heated from mid march to end of October. Heating the pool up to the target temperature is quick but depends on the outside temperature. It takes from an average 3 days in March to a few hours in June. If you are doing a last minute booking, we will switch the heating on immediately but you may have to wait a few hours before the pool reaches  the right temperature.

VillaRomane  pool is convenient for families

The pool is 9,5m X 4.6m large. On the small bath side, you will find a comfortable staircase  all along the pool  width. This enable an easy access to the pool for yound children or seniors.. The small bath is 60cm deep and the depth increases smoothly as you go to the deepest part (1.80m deep). 


The pool is equiped with a pool alarm which will be triggered as soon as anything or anybody whose weight is greater than 6 kg wil fall in the pool. The alarm will scream outside around the pool terrace and also inside the villa.  The pool is under your control so even with the alarm you must be careful with young children. My personal advice is to equip them with bath-suits which have integrated buoy. It is comfortable for them and very relaxing for parents.


Water sanitation is fully automatic with an electrolyser which uses the salty water of the pool. So no chlorine here and no red eyes. Ph is automatically tuned too.

In term of maintenance, I will come once a week to check and clean the pool filters. This is mandatory to ensure the pool is working fine. Note I don't need you to be there, The pool filters are in the basement so I can get here alone with my keys without entering inside the villa. In all cases I will inform you before with a text message and will never be surprised.

On your side, the only things left you'll have to take care are the water level and removing the leaves which may be pushed inside if there is some wind.  The water level must be high enough to let he water flow going inside the skimmer. If it too low, just add water with the hose which is in the garden. For the leaves, just use the pool net which is around the pool. Easy no ?

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